The HIVE Exposed

Below are digital reproductions of the information passed on to citizens of the Triumvirate regarding:

  1. The development and integration into The HIVE of the mandatory Filament implant in 2024.
  2. The merger of the United States of America into The Triumvirate in 2026.
These are invaluable, non-disputable historical archives presented by the RUSA-IE and are 100% accurate.

For the full story of what happened between 2024 and 2046, read the book CONVERGENCE. Available for pre-order now. On 02/22/2020 the truth will be known.

The Pledge of Convergence

This is an archival recording of The Pledge of Convergence, when it became mandatory to recite in all K-12 classrooms within the jurisdiction following the merging of the USA into The Triumvirate in 2026 (“Year Zero”).

The Pledge of Convergence

Press Release #1

Mandatory Filament Implantation

You Spoke, We Listened!

The 2024 Filament has arrived!

Being connected is everything.

But even 48G coverage can’t guarantee you a reliable connection in those hard-to-find locaation. You’re just out of luck. Until now.

Microscopically thin, flexible and less than an inch long, the Filament implants in the back of your neck painlessly, automatically pairing with a signal circuit booster one eighth the size of a dime in your spine.

You are now connected to The HIVE wherever you go, no exceptions.

Friendly medical staff will be happy to implant your Filament FREE OF CHARGE!

Mountain-climbing, underwater, in the middle of the desert, you remain connected with crystal-clear retinal downloads, apps, weather, warnings and alerts. Experience the magic of Predictive Friend Advisor™!

Stay connected to your favorite music groups and be the first to know when they are coming to town, and – of course – communicate with any / all on The HIVE without an external device.

Implantation is free and your Filament is updatable for life, automatically! The HIVE never sleeps and it is now easier than ever to remain connected.

Note: Implantation is mandated by Federal law and all newborns will receive the Filament by the eighteenth day of life at hospitals, birthing centers and / or by a Visiting Nurse Practitioner for home births as part of citizenship registration. Retro-fitting for all others will be done by appointment and must be completed by December 31st 2024.

Press Release #2

USA Merger


We are pleased to announce that as of January 1st, 2026, our new merger-entity, The Triumvirate, will replace the United States of America. In recognition of this new beginning the system of recorded years will start again and it will be known as Year Zero.

For the past 249 years there’s been a United States. Forged in independence, upbeat in spirit and deeply idealistic we’ve been a beacon to the world and to those who value freedom. The connections we’ve forged, deepened through Filament implantation and HIVE integration, have unified us.

But the freedoms we’ve enjoyed have been severely tested by the Religious Wars and terrorism. Those who hate us and our freedoms, have been crushed. But this is no time to let down our guard; pockets of enemies still exist. We need to stick together.

For this reason it has become clear that a merger with the world’s largest search engine company, WhoozHooz, and Healthy Growth (the old “Stock Market”) positions us to be exponentially stronger together than any of the three would be apart.

What Does This Mean To Me?

Your Social Security payments and other entitlement programs will remain unchanged, but will come from The Triumvirate.

There will be no changes at the state government level at this time and taxes will still be collected by them. A plan to phase out state governmental structures will be reviewed by Year 5 and in place by Year 10 to minimize disruption.

Passports will be issued by The Triumvirate and it will be necessary for all who hold United States passports to reapply, showing proof of Filament implantation. United States passports will not be valid for travel beyond March 1st, Year Zero.

And that’s it! You’ll find we’ve done our best to migrate existing freedoms and procedures and “bring the best while losing the rest” during this time of upgrades and improvements.

We are confident your Triumvirate experience will be rewarding.